Something that kinda started around 6 years ago when i first meet with  Kacper Kapsa face to face on the train station at Częstochowa Osobowa (Kapsa lives in Częstochowa) is now coming to end. Those almost 6 years of doing the Very Polish Cut Outs was a great musical journey. I learned a lot about polish music, the (underground?) music industry, made tons of new friends all over the world, discovered new and exciting producers, travelled to places i never thought i would go to and last but not least was able to promote the polish music scene all over the globe. Its was a hard decision to shut the label down but i feel the mission is complete and  there is no need to dragging it on past release number 67 or 89 like some labels do, just because it sells. We are leaving behind a nice catalogue of 10 vinyl records (+ all the digital “Polish EDITS” EP’s) that will forever remain a mark of the project. We will still sometimes play as the TVPC, use our FB fanpage and maybe do some represses of the records at some point but the label will remain inactive – as there will be no more new releases. I will now completely focus on my new label – Transatlantyk and also on the Balearic Bigos radio show (which will focus, in oposition to TVPC, on all eastern european music). Hope you enjoyed our output for those 6 years and thanks to us discovered some new exciting music.  That said i would thank the all our followers, supporters and fans, the promoters that booked us and also all the artists for all their creative input for the label- we wouldn’t made it without you: Old Spice, Mental, Invent, Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa, Maciek Sienkiewicz, Ptaki, Eltron John, Karol Aleksander, Jazxing, Eddie C, Rune Lindbeak, Telephones, Daniel Drumz, Beard in Dust, Schmoltz, Pvre Gold, Cocolino, Selvy, Jackpot, Miód, Shiny Boots, Karara, Carpentaria, Breenan Green, Radar Crew, Unitrax, Kompleks, The Papers and Krjuk.

Super Special Thanks Go To:

Kacper Kapsa, Olga Grabowska, Bartosz Szymkiewicz, Jaromir Kamiński,the Oye Records Crew (especially Markus and Tinko), Chris Duckenfield at Allears, Ewa Grabowska, Andy Bumrocks, Baris K, Kwazar, Wojtek Zdaniuk, Pudel + Sąsiad (Wosk SS) and of course Morison



P.S Here you can download all the edits for free: