Our new and also last 7″inch in the TVPCO series is ready and available in all good vinyl loving record stores around the world. This one contains one edit by Eltron John from the POLISH EDITS #9 and one edit by Eddie C from the POLISH EDITS #13. Only 400 went for sale…so you might wanna be quick on this one. You can stream both tracks bellow.

Release Note

rand new (and also the last one) treat in the The Very Polish Cut-Outs 7inch series, usually devoted to quirkier and weirder tracks than the much acclaimed 12″ samplers.

Eltron John kicks off the A side with a reggae influenced rework of a Polish children’s song from late 80’s called ‘Ludzie z Marsa’.
His modern, dubby production and close attention to the smallest details fuses perfectly with abstract lyrics. This serious-not-serious song treats about people who are from Mars and invade Earth, because ‘they can’t remember what the forest animals look like, what a farce !
Already road tested by the members of TVPC, this Caribbean-East European depth of a groove works perfectly in late night drunk sets.
On the B side Eddie C visits executive suite of a cruise ship with his extended, melancholic rework of ‘Słoneczna Promenada’. The original tune is an old Polish cocktail-lounge classic from the late 70’s, transformed here into a psychedelic story of epic proportions. Moody loops evoke instant headnodding and added dub effects magnify the nostalgic, sunny vibe.