Time goes by…and we already arrived at number 12 in the  POLISH EDITS series. This EP is yet again the work of OLD SPICE  (who also did the first ever POLIS EDITS EP) – and who is, in our opinion at least, the uncrowned king of the polish cut & paste . As our previous EP – this one also contains 3 tracks – spanning from polish slo mo boogie to balearic pop rock. First track is an edit of the super popular track “Jesteś Lekiem na Całe Zło” (You are the healer of all evil) by Krystyna Prońko – that besides being very groovy is also very melancholic. Old Spice transformed it into a slo mo banger – cuting the best parts and adding some synths – this is a true winner in a new clothes. The two other edits are tracks by Maanam – polish pop/rock superstars led by the infamous singer Kora (you could hear her voice on the polish edits EP #10 by Kacper Kapsa in her side project Pudelsi). Old Spice dug deep and came up with two lesser known tracks. “Blues Kory” & the more uptempo soft rocks stomper “Chcę Ci powiedzieć Coś” (I want to tell you  something). Hope you enjoy. As usualy – 100 free downloads!