We are really happy to present to you our first POLISH EDITS EP of 2014. The number 11 in our series is the work of Karol Aleksander – our last year’s edit competition winner. This release is the first (and last one) that contains 3 tracks. We decided to share  Karol’s winning edit of the track “Ja” by polish rock/pop group Bajm (fully mixed and mastered) as a bonus to the usual 2 tracks. . This EP is definitely has the most uptempo tracks since POLISH EDITS #1 by Old Spice – with all the tracks clocking around the 120 BPM mark. Surely all the edits are peak time dancefloor material – that have been road tested by Zambon & Kapsa in the last months at various clubs. The first track is by Rezerwat – a legendary polish rock group from Lódź. “Pod Makijażem Uwielbienia” from 1987 is surely not a rare find – but Karol’s edit  totally changed the undertone of the original version – transforming the melancholic track into a intense dance experience by concentrating on the most danceable parts of the song. Track number 2 comes from Zdzisława Sośnicka (one of her track was edit by Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa on POLISH EDITS #5 and just got released on the TVPC SAMPLER VOL.2) and is yet again a great disco/rock stomper by the polish cult singer. The edit leaves all the cheesy sax parts out and most of the vocals and totally concentrates on the hypnotic disco groove. The Bonus Track “Ja” by Bajm (from 1988)- that some of you might already know – is a somehow groovy sad love song. Karol’s chopping skills transformed it into a peaktime house dancefloor bomb that will keep the crowd sweating! As always 100 DL only. Some of the tracks will available this year on vinyl on one of the TVPC Samplers. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do here at the TVPC HQ.