The Polish Cut-Outs in Space

Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show has been, for 9 years now, an never-ending source of musical inspiration for us and our like minded fellow friends in Poland (..and of course still is). It even kinda inspired me (Zambon) indirectly to do the whole “polish edits” thing. The “Eurasia Mix” by Baris K that i heard for the first time on BIS, got me thinking if i could do something similar with “vintage” polish tracks.  Why am i writing this? Because on the last show Tim Sweeney aired our special The Very Polish Cut Outs in Space Mix that we recorded especially for Beats In Space. Feels good to join a great cast of special guest – which through all those years had the pleasure to play their music on the show and in the same time inspire lot’s of people like us to never stop searching for the perfect beat…..Hope you enjoy!

Beats In Space #620 with The Very Polish Cut-Outs