Polish Edits # 5 by Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa

After over a year since we started our TVPC label our Polish Edits series are coming to a halfway point. We decided that  we gonna do 10 EP’s in total and at the end put out an exclusive limited double CD with a collection of all the edits, plus some bonus tracks….but that’s in a near future. So back to the present tense…Polish Edits  No. 5 was done by a new guy and producer on the polish music scene – Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa (Boy from the Hood). These two are very special and will keep you groovin for the first days of spring….Track A is a brilliant edit of Tadeusz Nalepa’s (the guy behind Breakout) “Dbaj o Miłość” (Take Care Of Love) which was tastefully extended and got some pumped up percussions. On the B Side Zdzisława Sośnicka’s classic “Moja Muzyka To Ja” (My Music Is Just Me) get’s an uplifting dance floor treatment. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do..here at the TVPC HQ.