The Very Polish Cut-Outs!

The Idea behind The Very Polish Cut-Outs is very simple – we want to promote Polish music all over the world through releasing different compilations, mixes and  by putting it in a new context through editing – lately one of the most common ways of recycling music. On this site you will find lots of dusty grooves, obscure sounds and sometimes very hard to find gems that were recorded in Poland back in the days. Take your time and enjoy the trip through the wastelands of Polish music.


THE VERY POLISH CUT-OUTS is a bootnet label who’s primary goal is to promote good polish music all over the world.


Through releasing compilations, mixtapes and various edits and reworks.


Because we think that Polish music is cool and  can be also interesting  for people outside Poland.


The originators of THE VERY POLISH CUT-OUTS  are Zambon (polish dj, producer and blogger) & Pnk. Discorporation (who is also a dj, editor & blogger) but the whole idea came to life thanks to such people as Funkoff, Old Spice, Mental, P.Lux & others who contributed to the project with their work and ideas.


The content on this site is totally free and provided to you in the best possible quality.

So here we go!